directed by Venus Garcia

“All the world’s a stage…” is what Gabe really believes, and in his world he has his own audience!

directed by Aaron Leong

Inis is a desperate woman in more ways than one! Poetry, love, and death have never been so beautiful.

Paper Canoes

directed by Stephanie DeMott

Three friends reunite every five years to reminisce about the past. This time around though, something is missing and the friends struggle to understand something they have never understood before…each other.


directed by Darren Wong and Lep Kan

Kirsch is a mannequin artist who is struggling with a break-up. His latest masterpiece is one of his ex-girlfriend; but is it only a mannequin?

Dream Verse Discord
directed by Brendan Simon

What is reality and what is a dream? London is trying to figure out why she has been having dreams about a girl she has never met before, and why each dream is strikingly close to reality.






KIREN: Stephanie DeMott
GABE: Dorsey Dyer
MATTHEW: Juan de la Rosa

INUS: Emily Rued
WINTER: Margaret McCarthy
CASE: Daniel K. Lai



LUX: Marilet Martinez
DALY: Steve Bologna
BEN: Rob Little
TROUT: Angela Travins
SALMON: Darren Criss
HERRING: Tim Smith-Stewart

Kirsch: Wilton Yeung
Edison: Amielynn D. Abellera
Laslo: Steven Morales
Harlow: Aileen Clark



LONDON: Karla F. Acosta
RILO: Christell Lewis
JORY: Anthony Lerner
REMY: Brian Rivera